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SimSpray contains many options in the user interface for instructors and students to customize their painting experience. SimSpray reinforces proper setup to teach students correct material selection and equipment settings before painting.

Training Mode

Students have the option to practice free form with a variety of parts and projects in Free Paint Mode, or work through a guided course of learning in Lesson Mode.


Paint Processes

SimSpray includes processes for a different coating purposes. SimSpray Standard includes HVLP primarily used in autobody painting. SimSpray Industrial comes with HVLP, Airless, Air-Assisted Airless, and a Conveyor Line, for larger industrial coatings projects.

Paint Processes


Students choose from a variety of parts including car parts, wavy and flat panels, I-beams and ASTM panels. Each parts allows students of different skill levels to practice on diverse shapes and sizes.


Projects and Project Editor

Instructors can set up projects for each part detailing the number and type of coats and specific parameters for each coat, including mil build, air pressure, fluid pressure, and travel speed.When a student goes through the set up process, he/she can choose the project that the instructor has created for them.

Projects and Project Editor


SimSpray offers a wide range of colors to paint the part with.



To create a realistic experience for students, SimSpray offers 3D immersive environments in which to paint. This gives the student an enhanced experience of painting in real life.



Before a student begins painting, they must enter proper equipment settings (air pressure, fluid pressure, tip size and cup configuration). If they enter in the wrong settings, SimSpray prompts them to correct it.



Manufacturer: VRSim
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