SimBuild Carpentry


Learn From the Ground Up!

​SimBuild Carpentry teaches fundamental skills used in residential construction. Students learn by completing increasingly complex work orders from reading a measuring tape, to laying out a wall section, identifying components of a gable roof, and estimating materials needed to build a floor. Objective scoring and badges earned based on performance keep students engaged. While SimBuild Carpentry teaches the practical skills of carpentry and safety, the student learns core academic concepts in reading, math and problem solving.

SimBuild Carpentry is organized around three worksites, each presenting different challenges for the student. As students move from one worksite to another, the activities they perform require an increasing degree of carpentry skills, integration of learning, and problem solving.


SimBuild reinforces general academic skills such as reading, math and problem solving, along with construction-specific skills like tool reading, identification of building system components and estimating materials. The integrated Learning Management System tracks student progress and skill acquisition.


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Manufacturer: VRSim
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