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The Pro Kit is widely applicable in middle school and high school. All types of students and teachers can start working with it, without any prior knowledge. The big attraction of the Pro Kit is the larger number of Design Challenges, huge amounts of parts for building custom creations and the ePulse electric motor! Is the new Henry Ford or Elon Musk at your school? Infento can spark the engineering fire in any child. The Pro Kit comes with 1,157 modular parts and 9 sturdy storage boxes to keep all the components organized. With these 1,157 modular parts students can build 12 different types of rides 5 of which are ePulse rides, 5 different science builds, and can reimagine the world they live in using Infento’s 20 design challenges. The Pro Kit ensures educators that their students will become familiar with critical 21st century skills, all while building inventions full of passion and enthusiasm.

Product Specifications:

  • 1,157 modular parts
  • ePulse Electric Motor
  • 9 sturdy storage boxes
  • Tools for building
  • 3D sketchup designs
  • Digital manuals
  • Teaching materials
  • 12 rides
  • 5 ePulse rides
  • 5 science builds
  • 20 design challenges
  • Endless own creations

Number of Students 1 Pro Kit Caters To:  a maximum of 8 students. You can use this Kit as an individual project or have two groups of two or four kids create different inventions simultaneously.

Age Group Recommendation: 12 years old and up

Grade Recommendation:  Grades 6 and up

21st Century Skills The Pro Kit Reinforces:  Creative Thinking, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Critical Thinking, Collaboration, Communication, Problem Solving, Information Literacy, Self regulation

Areas In A School Where The Pro Kit Is Most Applicable:  Middle School, High School, After-School Program, Makerspace, Innovation Lab, CTE Program, Summer programs

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Manufacturer: INFENTO
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