The OB7 cobot family constitutes a flexible range of collaborative robots engineered to provide automation solutions across many applications.


  • Payload: 5kg
  • Retains the key features of the OB7 model, offering a 7-axis robot arm and “no programming” interface
  • Suitable for applications requiring a slightly higher payload capacity

OB Vision:

  • An optional feature that equips the cobot models with human-like vision capabilities
  • Allows the cobots to recognize objects and perform picking tasks with a single button press
  • Streamlines the automation process by eliminating the need for complex programming

Accessories and Packages:

  • Various accessories are available, including the Parallel Electric Gripper/end effector, Robot Rolling Stand, and Work Table
  • Compatibility with other brands of grippers, cameras, and accessories
  • Offers all-inclusive packages for machine tending applications, such as the OB7 CNC Package for machine loading and unloading
  • Also offers high-production robotic welding systems with everything needed for precise welding

The OB7 cobot family emphasizes a “no programming” approach, allowing users to teach the robots tasks through physical demonstrations of desired actions. This method greatly simplifies both training and adjustments to tasks. With its 7-axis robot arm design, the cobots offer exceptional flexibility, maneuverability, and the capacity to navigate around obstacles seamlessly.

Safety mechanisms encompass collision detection and the ability to immediately stop movement upon contact, ensuring secure operations in the presence of human workers. Furthermore, OB7 presents the choice of integrating the advanced OB Vision system, enabling efficient automation through object recognition.

In summary, the OB7 cobot family presents a comprehensive solution catering to a diverse array of automation requirements across industries. It centers on user-friendly operation, adaptability, and compatibility with specialized accessories and packages tailored to distinct applications.

Additional Resources
Take a look at these videos for a demonstration of the OB7-Stretch. View this flyer for more information about the OB Vision feature. See this flyer for more information about the Dual Gripper Adapter Feature.

Manufacturer: Productive Robotics
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