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Our training concept aims to ensure that society fully embraces electric vehicles by actively involving and well-training the country’s emergency services. This comprehensive learning package includes specialized hardware and an eLearning course designed specifically for first responders.

Hardware Component

The hardware component of the package offers a risk-free and realistic training experience. It features a simulated high voltage (HV) environment that allows trainees to learn without the fear of serious consequences from mistakes. The hardware is thoughtfully designed with practicality in mind, incorporating genuine components sourced from vehicles. The training hardware combines authenticity, practicality, and safety to equip trainees with the best tools including…

  • Replication of rescue card layouts and adherence to industry standards
  • Hands-on access to real HV cut-off, LV disconnecting devices, and HV fuses
  • Inclusion of cutting solution, central locking, handbrake pushbuttons, and accurate HV voltage displays
  • Option to choose between passive or active discharge of the HV condenser for scenario exploration
  • Activated fault scenarios for safe simulation of real-life situations, including HV battery heating
  • Incorporation of a 12V battery, smart key for vehicle activation, and start and brake buttons
  • HV fault indication feature

eLearning Course

Lucas-Nuelle’s eLearning course provides comprehensive expertise in electric and hybrid vehicles. Trainees learn through engaging videos, animations, and images. They gain a comprehensive understanding of HV components and differentiating hybrid and electric vehicles. The course covers HV system hazards and handling damaged vehicles. Precautions for safe recovery and HV battery handling are emphasized. Trainees familiarize themselves with HV disconnect devices and gain confidence in handling various situations. They learn to identify the READY state of vehicles, assess HV vehicle damage, and utilize rescue cards. Additionally, the course covers first aid for electrocution incidents and effective protection methods for transport and storage. Overall, the eLearning course equips trainees with the necessary expertise to navigate the evolving field of electric and hybrid vehicles. 

Our training concept combines specialized hardware and an immersive eLearning course to equip emergency services with the knowledge and tools needed to respond to electric vehicle incidents professionally. The hardware provides a risk-free and realistic training experience, while the eLearning course offers comprehensive expertise in electric and hybrid vehicles. With this training package, emergency services can confidently handle the unique challenges presented by electric vehicles, ensuring a smooth transition to a society that fully embraces this sustainable form of transportation. 

For more information about the program, take a look at the comprehensive brochure or watch the video below to see the First Responder Trainer for Advanced Electric Drive Vehicles from Lucas-Nuelle in action!

Manufacturer: Lucas-Nuelle
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