Mobile Crane Personal Simulator


Simlog’s Mobile Crane Personal Simulator equips your heavy equipment operator trainees to take the controls of a live mobile crane. They will gain valuable time at the controls in a virtual environment minimizing your overall training cost and liability. Simlog enables your training program to deliver heavy equipment operators with a more developed skill set while utilizing fewer resources than a traditional training program.

Mobile Crane Virtual Controls and Operation

In the Simlog Mobile Crane Personal Simulator, trainees will control a rough-terrain mobile crane with a telescoping boom and jib. This lifelike environment includes hook-blocks, slings that go slack, a boom that deflects, and wind that varies in strength and direction with simulated wind gusts.

The crane controls replicate modern cranes with dashboard displays for boom angle, load radius, boom length, boom section telescoping and mode, relative hoist speed, region of operation, and load-movement indicator. Industrial strength joysticks connect via USB and are compatible with other Simlog Personal Simulators. Lever based controls allow the simulator to mimic boom trucks and older cranes. Tabletop mounting brackets correctly position the controls, or the Simlog Operator Chair provides an authentic operator experience and is compatible with all Simlog Personal Simulators.

Simlog’s Advanced Edition incorporates load charts into lift planning so that the operator learns to plan and calculate all aspects of lift and placement. A separate monitor enables communication skills training for both an operator and a signal person.

There are 3 display configuration options for operators in the virtual environment. You can also add a separate display for Signal Person Training. If a separate display is not added, keyboard and mouse controls allow the signal person can take over the main crane operator’s display.

Option 1: One Big Screen Display Mounted in Front

Option 2: Three Displays in Landscape Mode in Front

Option 3: Three Displays in Portrait Mode in Front

Three Displays with Signal Person Monitor

Save Money on Heavy Equipment Training

Simlog’s heavy equipment operator training package delivers superior results, but modern training programs are measured on return on investment. The investment in Simlog heavy equipment training equipment and software delivers ROI quickly because you can use your virtual environment to train unlimited operators. Your trainees can accomplish more without the direct involvement of a supervisor, and they are already competent operators when they take the controls of live equipment. This minimizes training time in a live job site and decreases liability from worksite accidents.

Mobile Crane Operator Training Modules

The advanced mobile crane virtual environment includes 14 modules that increase in difficulty. Operators take skills from previous modules and build on them to develop the complete skill set needed to operate a live crane. The training management software tracks KPI’s to provide constructive feedback to trainees and instructors, providing additional insight over a pass/fail or simple score based tracking system.

  • Module 1: Controls Familiarization
  • Modules 2 and 3: Hookblock Control 1 and 2
  • Module 4: Pole Topping
  • Modules 5, 6, 7, and 8: Corridor Following 1, 2, 3 and 4
  • Module 9: Executing Lifts
  • Module 10: Pole Placement
  • Modules 11 and 12: Concrete Pouring 1 and 2
  • Module 13: Pick, Lift and Place
  • Module 14: Signalling

Key Features

  • Made-to-measure, with dedicated slots for levers, joysticks, pedals, steering wheel, and table-top mounting brackets
  • Space for a laptop PC, cables, and documentation
  • Pull-out handle, with multiple positions
  • Wheels (casters)
  • Cases are “stackable”, for easy transport.


  • Overall dimensions: 30″ (76cm) x 24″ (61cm) x 19″ (50cm)
  • Approximate weight: 50 lbs. (23 kg) when empty, up to 100 lbs. (46 kg) when full (depending upon the Replica Controls)


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See the Simlog Operator Chair in action.

Manufacturer: Simlog
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