This student LAB is designed to accompany the MINDS-i Foundations Curriculum as an introduction into the world of STEM and Robotics. It is designed as an interactive approach to applied science, technology, engineering and math. In this course students will become familiar with the basics of robotics and programming through teamwork.

Each Lab is designed to support a small group of students (3 to 5) for one semester.

Qty: 1 4×4 Robot 3-in-1 Kit with Electronics
Qty: 1 Arduino Autonomous Upgrade Module
Qty: 1 250 Piece Basic Construction Set
Qty: 1 Rotating Connector Set
Qty: 1 Screw Adapter Kit
Qty: 3 Servo Linkage Kit
Qty: 3 485 Metal Gear Servo
Qty: 4 QTI Sensor (Line Following)
Qty: 1 Ping Ultrasound Sensor
Qty: 1 Speed Controller (80A)
Qty: 2 MINDS-i Tool
Qty: 1 7.2V Battery 3000mAh
Qty: 1 DC Motor (5,000 RPM)
Qty: 1 1/16″ Hex Driver
Qty: 1 3/32″ Hex Driver
Qty: 1 Gear Reducer (3 to 1)
Qty: 1 Extra 8-Channel Receiver
Qty: 1 8-Channel Transmitter with Receiver
Qty: 1 Digital MultiMeter
Qty: 1 Optical Tachometer
Qty: 1 Torque Meter
Qty: 1 Catapult Support Material (Target & Velcro Balls)
Qty: 1 Storage System

Manufacturer: Minds-i Robotics
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