iCC Industrial Controls Center – PLC HMI Trainer

iCC PLC:HMI Trainer

Product Overview: iCC PLC/HMI Trainer

Unlock the potential of industrial controls with the iCC PLC/HMI Trainer from APT Manufacturing Solutions. This comprehensive training system combines cutting-edge technology with a user-friendly design to facilitate hands-on learning. Dive into the world of Rockwell Automation (Allen Bradley) CompactLogix and elevate your skills in PLC/HMI integration.

Key Components:

  • Rockwell CompactLogix 5380 Controller:
    • Integrated Motion (5069-L306ERM)
    • 16 24VDC digital inputs & 16 24VDC digital outputs
  • Rockwell AB 10” PanelView 5000 Graphic Terminal (PanelView 5310):
    • 5 Port Stratix Ethernet Switch
    • Dual Ethernet Access Ports and Cable Glands for external device connections
    • Pre-loaded with structured program template
  • Endless Possibilities:
    • Connect to almost any device
    • PLC robot integration program template installed
    • Ready for standalone use or integration with FANUC robots
    • Interface with a FANUC CERT cart, MTEC CERT, or MTEC-SIM CERT Cart

Included Features:

  • NEMA 12 Steel Industrial Enclosure:
    • Ensures durability in industrial environments
  • Power Supply:
    • 120V, 24 VDC power supply
    • 120V 10’ power cord
  • Ethernet Connectivity:
    • 5 port Ethernet switch
    • Wireless Ethernet bolt for enhanced flexibility
  • Control Inputs:
    • 4 pushbuttons
    • 1 selector switch
  • PLC Specifications:
    • Compact Logix 5000 Series
    • 32 task capability
    • Dual IP mode (2 different network connections)
    • DLR, start, and linear topologies supported
    • 16 Ethernet node connections max
    • 32 socket connections max
    • 2 CIP drive axis connections (position loop/servo control)
    • Programming interfaces include ladder, structured text, function block diagram, sequential function chart
    • 0.6 MB user memory
    • Support for 8 local I/O modules max
  • HMI Specifications:
    • PanelView 5000
    • 10.4” SVGA TFT color touch display
    • 4:3 aspect ratio
    • 800 x 600 pixel resolution
    • 1GB RAM / 1 GB user memory

Optional Kits and Accessories:

  • Student build kit
  • Discrete I/O kit for FANUC LR Mate peripheral I/O board (for robots without Ethernet)
  • Mobile workbench with adjustable height and power
  • Replenishment parts kit
  • Panel rebuild master kit

Software and Curriculum: Benefit from industry-leading software and curriculum provided by Rockwell Automation and APT Manufacturing Solutions. Elevate your knowledge and practical skills in PLC/HMI integration with this comprehensive training solution.

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