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Meltio Engine

Unleash the power of hybrid manufacturing with the Meltio Engine, the most cost-effective solution designed to seamlessly integrate with almost any CNC machine on the market. This cutting-edge technology combines metal 3D printing and machining capabilities in a single process step, revolutionizing the way you approach complex part fabrication, repair, and feature addition.

Key Features:

  • Affordable Hybrid Manufacturing:
    • The Meltio Engine stands out as the most affordable hybrid manufacturing solution, opening up new possibilities for businesses of all sizes. Now you can enhance your CNC machine with metal 3D printing capabilities, unlocking a world of potential for near-net shape manufacturing.
  • Machining and Additive Manufacturing Platform:
    • This innovative platform seamlessly fits into almost any CNC machine, providing a versatile solution for both metal 3D printing and the machining of complex geometries. Say goodbye to the limitations of separate processes and embrace the efficiency of a single integrated solution.
  • Hybrid Manufacturing Excellence:
    • Achieve new heights of complexity with the Meltio Engine. Create highly intricate parts with machining tolerances in the same process, streamlining your manufacturing workflow and reducing the need for multiple machines or time-consuming steps.


  • Part Repair:
    • The Meltio Engine is a game-changer for cost-effective component repair. Whether it’s repairing worn-out components, augmenting existing parts, or adding new features, this hybrid manufacturing solution ensures efficient and economical results.
  • Retrofitting for New Capabilities:
    • Transform any CNC machine into a hybrid metal manufacturing system with the Meltio Engine. Retrofitting is made easy, providing your existing equipment with a significant upgrade, and expanding its capabilities to include both metal 3D printing and machining.
  • Geometry Freedom:
    • Enjoy unprecedented freedom in part design with the Meltio Engine. There are no inherent constraints when it comes to the working envelope, allowing you to explore limitless possibilities. The size of the motion system is the only limit, offering you the flexibility needed for diverse applications.

In summary, the Meltio Engine redefines hybrid manufacturing by providing an affordable and versatile solution for integrating metal 3D printing and machining. Elevate your capabilities with this groundbreaking technology, enabling you to create complex parts, perform efficient part repairs, and retrofit your CNC machines for a new era of manufacturing excellence.

If you would like to learn more check out this Demo Video and Spec Sheet.

Manufacturer: Meltio
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