Deci Duo (Metal Surface Finishing)


Introducing the revolutionary DECI Duo™, a cutting-edge solution for automated surface finishing of 3D printed metal materials. Unparalleled in performance, this technology offers swift cycle times, even for the most intricate parts with internal channels, organic geometries, and honeycombs. The Duo is designed with a space-saving footprint to optimize production floor space.

At the heart of the DECI Duo’s capabilities lies the innovative Thermal Atomized Fusillade (TAF) technology. This groundbreaking system utilizes two perpendicular, single-axis jet streams of compressed air, detergent, and suspended solids, delivering targeted blast sequences while ensuring 360° part rotation for maximum surface exposure.

With a winning combination of optimized energy, and exclusive chemistry, including specially formulated detergents and suspended solids, the DECI Duo is guided by the AUTOMAT3D® software. This powerful software ensures the achievement of the desired surface finish while preserving intricate part geometries with fine details. It operates as a knowledgeable member of your team, continuously monitoring and adapting in real time to maintain optimal conditions. The DECI Duo features advanced elements like pre-programmed preventative maintenance schedules, intelligent cycle time programming, and one-touch repeatability, with all customized recipes stored within the software.

Thoughtfully designed with user convenience in mind, the DECI Duo comes equipped with an LED lighted chamber, noise-reducing features to ensure low dBa levels and a flexible manual mode for hands-on part finishing. Efficiency optimization is at the core of the design, with features like casters for easy installation, a smart electrical panel layout, and pass-through door capability, streamlining your entire additive manufacturing operation.

Experience the future of automated surface finishing with the DECI Duo™ – revolutionizing 3D metal printing post-processing with its unparalleled performance and intelligent capabilities. Click here to download the detailed PDF Specifications. Embark on a new era of precision and efficiency in surface finishing.

Manufacturer: PostProcess Technologies
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