VFD/PLC Wiring Learning System 85-MT6BA


Amatrol’s VFD/PLC Wiring Learning System (85-MT6BA) covers installing a VFD and PLC in an electrical panel to create power and control circuits that learners will test and operate. This learning system will provide invaluable hands-on practice for careers like electricians and industrial maintenance technicians. The 85-MT6BA requires the Electrical Wiring Learning System (850-MT6B).

The 85-MT5BA includes a Siemens PLC, motor, Allen-Bradley variable frequency drive, and much more! Amatrol uses real-world industrial components that will stand up to frequent use and will provide learners an opportunity to build competencies by installing and operating devices they’ll find in actual industrial applications. These components, along with Amatrol’s world-class curriculum, will be used to cover major topic areas like PLC and VFD installation, PLC and VFD wiring, motor control circuits, VFD and PLC operation and testing, Modbus communication, and PLC discrete I/O.

Hands-On Installation, Operation, and Testing of VFD and PLC Wiring Applications

This learning system features an array of components that learners will actually find on the job. These components include: a Siemens S7-1200 PLC; terminal blocks; motor disconnect switch; 3-phase, 1/3 Hp motor; and an Allen-Bradley variable frequency drive. Learners will use these components to build real-world competencies by practicing skills like wiring and operating a motor control system using VFD/PLC discrete I/O to control the motor, installing a PLC into an electrical panel, and testing the operation of a VFD after installation.

Use Highly Interactive Multimedia to Study VFD/PLC Power and Control Circuits

The 85-MT6BA’s curriculum features in-depth VFD/PLC wiring topics such as installation, connection, operation, and testing control and power circuits using a VFD and PLC. Examples of topics that learners will study include: the operation of a PLC motor control circuit; how to install a PLC in an electrical panel; and connecting PLC control wiring in an electrical panel. These topics are presented in a stunning multimedia format featuring beautiful 3D graphics, voiceovers of all text, videos, and interactive quizzes and activities.

Expand Learning Options Through Industrial Soldering and HMI Wiring Skills

The 85-MT6BA is just one expansion that can be added to the 850-MT6B to develop additional industrial wiring skills. Others include Industrial Soldering (85-MT6BB) and HMI Wiring Learning Systems (85-MT6BC). The 85-MT6BB will cover soldering various connectors to wire, wire-to-wire, and wire-to-terminals. Other major topic areas include solder types, soldering safety, and tool operation. The 85-MT6BC teaches wiring an HMI, analog wiring, and EtherNet cabling into a control panel mounted PLC.

Manufacturer: Amatrol
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