Level 1 Programmable Controllers


The model 890-PECB Programmable Controller Troubleshooting Learning System teaches programming and troubleshooting of programmable controllers and their use in industrial, commercial, and residential applications. The 890-PECB System teaches PLC troubleshooting like no other product by providing a hands-on learning station that models real world PLC-controlled machines with up to 40 faults that can be inserted into the system. The 890-PECB is the first product to offer a realistic PLC troubleshooting experience for students because the faults are inserted throughout the system, including inside the PLC!

The 890-PECB has the qualities of a real world machine with relay-controlled start/stop power station, terminal strip I/O test points, operator station, and machine automation station. Students study various applications with live devices by plugging in one or more of the many application panels available. Each application panel models an actual machine system such as electro-pneumatic actuator, electric motor, analog devices and BCD/LED display. Application panels are even available for interfacing external devices such as robots, conveyors, and process control systems.

The 890-PECB supports training on multiple brands and models of PLCs, so one learning system can support training for many customized needs. The workstation console permits PLCs to be quickly mounted and connected. Models supported include Siemens S7, Allen-Bradley (PLC5, SLC500, and Control Logix), and Modicon (984 and Quantum).

Amatrol’s unique FaultPro computer-based troubleshooting system automatically inserts faults and tracks student troubleshooting efforts. Teacher intervention is not required, enabling teachers to work freely in the classroom. This system enables students to learn troubleshooting in a self-directed environment, allowing teachers to support more students. It is easy-to-use with menu-driven Windows-based software and provides a record to measure student learning. Automatic fault insertion avoids damage to the equipment that is normally associated with manual fault insertion.

The 890-PECB includes a mobile workstation with PLC mounting console and work surface, computer-based fault insertion system, operator start/stop power station, field device unit with dual application panel mounting, application panel storage unit. To support the curriculum, application panels, a PLC, and a fault kit must be added. The fault kit contains student learning materials for both theory and lab, and teacher’s guide that apply to the brand and model of PLC selected.

Additional learning systems are also available to extend student PLC skills to advanced PLC topics such as analog control, remote I/O, PLC networks, and PLC operator interface terminals.

The FaultPro System also avoids damage to the equipment that is normally associated with manual fault insertion because it inserts the faults electronically. This makes the training equipment last longer and makes troubleshooting safer for the student and the teacher.

The Fault Pro software includes the following additional features:

On-Line Student Control
Data Tracking and Grading
Custom Templates

On-Line Student Control

The Fault Pro software features on-line student control of the troubleshooting activity through menu-driven screens. This makes it easy for students to set up and perform their own troubleshooting exercises for both practice and testing sessions. Students get immediate feedback about their responses so they know if they are learning. An on-line help screen provides step-by-step instructions during the troubleshooting process.

Data Tracking and Grading

Each student’s responses are automatically recorded in the student’s database and scored according to a rubric, which can be chosen by the teacher. The data recorded includes: which faults are mastered, total time spent on each fault, and number of tries to master each fault. Class statistics can also be generated so that teachers can analyze exercises and students.

Custom Templates

The FaultPro software gives the teacher the ability to create custom templates for each troubleshooting exercise so students are presented with an appropriate troubleshooting experience for each lab activity. Faults can be added or deleted to each exercise as needed. Templates can be created for entire classes so setup for new classes is only a few clicks away.

Manufacturer: Amatrol
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