Agriculture Science Curriculum

ag science

iCEV’s Agriculture Science Curriculum courses include Principles of Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources, Horticulture Science, Landscape and Design Management, Agricultural Mechanics and Metal Technologies, Agricultural Power Systems, Agribusiness Management & Marketing, Livestock Production, Equine Science, and much more.

Courses include engaging interviews with industry experts like Jenna Barber, Angela Laury, Darrell Dowd, Paolo Castiglione, Jim Johnson, Scott Mack, and Pete Stracener.

Pre-Packaged Courses

iCEV’s standard-aligned courses allow you to concentrate your time on teaching the way you’ve always wanted. The new platform makes it easier than ever to plan courses, distribute assignments and grade student work, because it’s all done for you.

Outlined Courses

Take the work out of planning your coursework. Courses are organized chronologically and each lesson page contains a complete collection of classroom resources.

Reach Standards

iCEV correlates all courses and lessons to state and national standards for you. Click the standards alignment button to easily see how each course and its materials meet your state’s requirements.

All-Encompassing Lesson Pages

Easily access everything you need for each lesson within carefully organized lesson pages. From here, you can play videos, download PowerPoint® presentations and access related activities, projects, assessments and more.

Build a Customized Course

Customize one of our pre-made courses or build your own from scratch. iCEV easily allows you to add or remove lessons from pre-existing courses, or build your own new course by choosing lessons from the entire iCEV library that suit your needs.

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