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Digital Quest is a Mississippi-based development- and training-oriented company enabling educational institutions to provide their students with skill-based training in the growing, vital field of geospatial technology.

The company’s varied product line is used by instructors in GIS-specific programs of study at the college, community college and high-school levels. Digital Quest products also are used to enhance non-GIS-specific programs of study such as environmental engineering, law enforcement, city planning, or forestry and many others.

We know GIS and geospatial technology, being that we’ve written many user-friendly courses and books on the subject. We deliver complete turn-key courses that instructors with little or no previous GIS knowledge can teach to students. We also provide entry-level GIS technician certification.

Our products prepare students for geospatial careers, or they round out a student’s education in another field, giving that student a greater edge when entering the workplace. Ninety percent of all geospatial jobs are part of other jobs.

Digital Quest products have trained a variety of professionals including city, local and state government employees, and many in private industry. The success stories are endless.