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DEPCO develops and markets educational curriculum for K-12 and the post-secondary market. Product topics include science; business, marketing, and IT; careers and technology; family and consumer sciences; and industrial automation and pre-engineering. The educational market has demanded these products and DEPCO responded by creating some of the most robust curriculum on the market.

Once the curriculum and the components were developed, DEPCO detected a need for modular furniture for the classroom. Nothing on the market was able to properly hold the DEPCO curriculum and components. Additionally, modular-style learning units are the tools for instructors who desire efficient, structured classroom learning activities for their students. Therefore, in 1992, DEPCO constructed a manufacturing facility to produce modular units. With the addition of this facility, DEPCO is able to meet the needs of school districts and control the product quality of the modular furniture. The addition of the modular furniture allowed DEPCO to offer a complete package to school districts.

A core component of DEPCO curriculum is the Student Workbook. This workbook is exclusively developed by DEPCO and is not available from any other source. The curriculum has been carefully designed with both the student and the instructor in mind. Each workbook is based on a 5, 10, 15, or 20 day activity rotation. The curriculum is produced to meet the SCANS, as well as individual state’s competency requirements.

DEPCO exists to challenge the idea of a general education model that marches students through a uniform curriculum. Since 1982, DEPCO (Dependable Education Products Company) has successfully furnished thousands of schools, community centers, and organizations all over North America with curriculum, software and equipment designed to suit their individual learning needs. DEPCO’s approach to educating today’s youth stands to revolutionize the education environment by offering engaging curricula that takes the intimidation and confusion out of the learning for both students and instructors.