Technical Training Aids Team Supports Local Fundraiser

Alec Mendoza is a Field Service Technician with TTA. He’s a smart, reliable team member, and on September 16th, he’s going Over The Edge. Why don’t you join him?

From KTECH to TTA Tech

Alec is a rising star at TTA. He’s done a great job in his first year as a Field Service Technician, and he’s already set his sights on additional training and certifications to continue his development. But Alec’s journey started at KTECH, a Kids to Love Foundation program that TTA is proud to support. Kids to Love is hosting their annual Over The Edge fundraiser in Huntsville on September 16. 

Since 2004, Kids to Love has served hundreds of thousands of children living in foster care. Through KTECH, Kids to Love provides hands-on, interactive, one-on-one instruction to connect students to jobs. Alec has an aptitude for math and science and thrived in the KTECH program in ways he hadn’t in a traditional university setting. TTA partnered with KTECH and Amatrol to build the KTECH Mechatronics Lab to help veterans, people graduating from the foster care system, and others develop the soft skills and technical competencies needed for lucrative careers in advanced manufacturing. 

When Alec graduated, KTECH Director Dorothy Havens helped him connect with TTA President Travis Coon. Alec’s people skills and the technical skills he developed at KTECH made him the perfect fit for the Field Service Tech role. See how Alec made the journey from KTECH to TTA. 

“We believe in the KTECH program,” said Coon. “We know it’s making a difference, and it delivers quality employees ready to hit the ground running on day 1. We’d been interested in hiring KTECH graduates for years, and Alec has proven the value of this program. We hope to work with KTECH to fill more roles in the future.”

Kids to Love’s Annual Fundraiser: Over the Edge

Kids to Love partners with Over the Edge every September for their annual fundraiser. TTA President Travis Coon has participated for years by raising support and rappelling 160 feet down the Regions Center in downtown Huntsville. This year, Alec Mendoza is representing TTA.

“I feel like I’m coming back home,” said Mendoza. “I can’t wait to see my friends and tell all the people who helped and supported me at KTECH about everything that’s happened in the last year.”

 Anyone who raises $1,500 or more can join Alec for an exhilarating time rappelling while supporting thousands of youth living in foster care. 

In addition to rappelling, Over the Edge will have food trucks, live music, and games for the whole family. A mobile technology unit will bring equipment, including robotics, drones, 3D printers, and equipment from DEPCO and Simlog, training for advanced careers in manufacturing and technology. So, if you aren’t interested in rappelling, join us for a great time while cheering Alec and the other thrill seekers on. 

Your Support Makes A Difference

KTECH continues to grow and thrive through industry partnerships and proven results. Their most recent class included 9 certificants, the largest group to date. These graduates have completed an intensive 16-week program that equips them with the technical and soft skills needed to jump right into a prosperous career. For example, each graduate in KTECH’s May 2021 class graduated with 4 certifications, and the class started their careers with an average wage of $33 an hour.  

This kind of career opportunity is something that many retiring veterans and individuals graduating from the foster care system never imagined would be possible for them. Supporting Kids to Love and KTECH helps them offer these services to more people. 

If you need an endorsement for this program, just ask Alec on September 16th. 

“KTECH transformed my life, and I’m not the only one. Support these wonderful people, and your generosity will create more opportunities for people like me.”

Contact TTA to learn more about offering advanced manufacturing career pathways like KTECH.